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Web Surveys - General Questions

My email doesn't display a "clickable" link to the survey. How else can I access the survey site?

Some email programs may not always display the survey links as active (clickable) hyperlinks, especially if your email is set to display email as text only.

An alternate way of accessing the survey is to follow the instructions in the postal mail access FAQ question (see related link below) or you can "copy and paste" the survey URL into your web browser.

1. While keeping the email invitation open, launch the web broswer of your choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). All browsers have a space near the top of your screen, generally under your toolbars and above the viewing area where URLs can be pasted into.
2. Once you have found the described space, "copy and paste" the entire URL from the email to this space. (How do I copy and paste?)
3. Once you have typed in the URL, hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard and you will be taken to the survey login screen.
4. In the ID field of the grey login box, type in your Survey ID.
4. Click the ENTER button on the screen to proceed.
5. Complete the survey by following the directions displayed on the screen.

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