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Web Surveys - Technical Questions

How do I go back and change an answer in a survey?

Surveys may be designed to allow you to go back to change an answer. While actively in a survey, use the "Previous Screen" button found on the bottom of the page to go back. After changing your response, use the "Next Screen" button to continue.

Do not use the Back or Forward buttons on your browser!

If there is no "Previous Screen" button, the survey will not allow you to change a previous response.

  • To change an answer with radio buttons, simply click on a new response. The selected radio button will be removed.

  • To change an answer with check boxes, first click on the checked box to remove the response. Then click on the appropriate box to select your new response.

  • To change an answer that is in a numeric or text box, click into the box, highlight the existing answer and hit Delete on your keyboard. Type in your new answer.

  • Once a survey has been completed, you cannot reaccess to change your answers. If you were screened out or the quota was full, you also cannot reaccess to change your survey answers.

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