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Web Surveys - Technical Questions

I accessed your survey via a survey vendor panel link (i.e.: ePocrates, eRewards, etc.). At the end of the survey, I received an "unable to service request" message. What do I do and did my survey get submitted?

The "unable to service request" message generally occurs on surveys where the respondent accessed our survey via a vendor panel. At the conclusion of the survey, a link or automatic redirect back to the vendor's site fails to connect properly and this error can occur.

Simply close your browser window. To confirm successful completion of your survey, you must wait 10 minutes before attempting to re-access the survey. Once this timeout period has passed, simply re-access the survey following your original instructions. If your survey is complete, you will receive a message indicating that. If the survey is incomplete, you will be taken back into the survey where you left off and you may complete the remaining questions.

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