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Web Surveys - Technical Questions

When attempting to access the survey link, I am getting a message that states "Please wait while the survey is loading.", however, the survey never loads. What do I do?

This is most likely to occur when attempting to access the survey from a work or school location which may be behind a firewall or restricted internet access.

Unfortunately, we do not have any control over an organization's or individual's firewalls. Try accessing the survey from a different computer location (ie: if you have a firewall at work, try accessing from home) or accessing the survey from a computer that is outside of a firewall setup. If you have control over your firewall settings, you can also try adjusting your firewall settings to allow access to pages with a domain name of

Other reasons for why a survey will not load may indicate a high amount of Internet traffic, a high amount of users accessing the survey servers all at once, or the speed of your internet connection. Try connecting again at a different time of day or using a computer that has a faster connection (if feasible).

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